Designer Diary


“I’ve had a fascination and inborn love for textiles since I was very young and I feel fortunate to be born in India, with so many treasures of hand woven textiles, textures and crafts. From admiring my mother’s sarees, to stitching my own clothes, textiles have played a very influential part in my life. “

This love and passion for textiles found a home
in our company – Shades of India.

We started our journey over 25 years ago, to create wonderful and unexpected designs
out of fabrics and crafts that have always been part of our lives here in India.

We have wanted to innovate with Indian textiles and interpret them in a way that
was not expected. This was giving a new life to an existing language of craft,
something that could be understood and adopted anywhere in the world.


I value simplicity and balance, it makes my heart sing. Playing with contrasts, that are minimal but at the same time have depth and layers. Where craft and silhouette are harmonious, with creations that provide comfort.

We have grown into a beautiful textile design house, with a team that
shares our passion for textile crafts, and just feel the immeasurable joy
of bringing our creations to the world in our own unique way.

- Mandeep Nagi